page 6   GARBAGE
1. All garbage, including cat litter, must be bagged and placed inside the dumpster.
Do not leave any items on the ground.
The waste management company will only take away garbage that is placed inside the dumpster.

2. All persons taking out the garbage must be able to open and deposit the garbage inside the dumpster.

3. Do not discard furniture, rugs, appliances, or any other large items in the dumpster or on the ground. The waste management
company will not remove them. You are responsible for removing such items from the condominium property. Fees are paid to have
your trash taken away and this could cause the maintenance fee to be increased.

4. Empty boxes must be broken down before placed in dumpster.

5. Recycle bins are located next to the dumpsters. Heather Walk participates in single stream recycling which allows residents to mix
recyclable paper, plastic and glass in the same recycle bin.

Nearby dump facilities are at these locations: